Available Animals

Available Animals

Information About Our Dogs

Thank you for having an interest in adopting from BAARC.

In order to save you and us time, please read the frequently asked questions before filling out our application.


 • What is included in an adoption? 

All dogs will be Spayed/Neutered, microchipped, up to date on their yearly required shots, and will have a 30-day flea treatment. 

• How much is the adoption fee? 

Adoption fees can vary on adult dogs depending on intake factors. Their profile should show their price, but the standard cost is $600. Please reach out to us if you do not see an amount on their profile before filling out an application. 

Puppies are $1,000 unless otherwise stated. Please see the next question for an explanation.

 • How do you come up with the adoption fee?

Many of our animals come to us in bad situations, and they more than often have some type of medical issue which requires us to pay for vet visits and medications they may need. They may also need special training, boarding, treatments, grooming, etc. 

The dogs all need food/milk, toys, beds, and potty pads. Depending on the age and situation, average daily costs for a dog can range from $10-15 for adult dogs to $25-35 for puppies. 

We do not get government funding to help us lower our costs for any medical needs including vet visits, shots, and spay/neuter. 

All adoption fees include; 3 or 4 DHPP shots (varies by animal), a rabies vaccine, flea treatment, microchip and the spay/neuter. Plus, any other medical the dog needed. 

Puppy packs can cost you $400-$500 not including spay/neuter. Spay/neuter can cost anywhere from $400-$700 depending on gender/breed/weight. With our adoption, your dog won’t need any more required shots for another year, and they will be spayed/neutered.

Payments We Accept

Payments we accept are Cash, PayPal and Zelle

Adoption Application

You can find our adoption application under our forms page


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